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Film composition refers to the way the elements of a shot are arranged and captured, as well as their relationship to each other. Using Cinematography Techniques, Filmmakers alter a Shot’s Framing, camera movements, depth of field, and depth of space to create an aesthetic and to imply Meaning.

Shot composition and cinematography are a director’s most powerful tools. Shot composition refers to the arrangement of elements in a particular scene. Cinematography refers to how shots are captured by camera movement, framing, lighting. Shot composition is considered an important aspect for achieving visual and aesthetic effects & conveying a meaning.

Shot composition involves two components, camera angle and lens choice .

  • Camera Angles

Camera angles also play a big role. The use of up and down angles can be quite dramatic in frame composition, or it can be efficiently used to make a character seem slightly taller or

shorter just to enhance the story. Symmetry is often used to improve shot composition and framing. It is also used in moments when a character is experiencing a powerful moment. It

draws the viewer’s attention to them in a unique way.

  • Lens Choice

The choice of lens plays an important role in shot composition. Focal length will affect the field of view and, thus, the space that your shot will capture. It will also influence the perception of depth in your shots. By contrast, wide-angle lenses can exaggerate the distance between your shot’s elements. A lens with a longer focal length will make it easier to achieve a shallow depth of field. Essentially, it will allow your subject to stand out more from the background. It also makes background objects appear closer than they would with a wide-angle lens.

Shot composition is an important aspect in film making. It is the process of arranging the elements of a scene in a proper frame. Shot composition can either make or break the flow of scene. The film director verifies the ultimate shot composition and gives the final approval.

Photography is more than a Medium for Factual Communication of Ideas. It’s a Creative Art!

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